creative business names

Creative Business Names

How important is a creative name for my business?

Choosing a name for a new product, service, startup, business or brand is one of the most important challenges you will face when launching any new business venture.

A creative business name will help identify your product or service to prospective customers, as well as provide you with the ability to effectively promote your brand. On the other hand, a business name that is not well thought out could potentially cause long term, irreparable damage to your business.

When choosing a name for your business, make sure to employ creativity and remember that your business name is a direct reflection on your product, your service and you!


Business names that are developed around creativity usually stand out from the crowd and are the most memorable. Creative Business Names tend to spark curiosity and will best engage your target audience if the name is original, unique and of course memorable.

The main component of your brand is the unique name that you choose. Your creative business name will establish your company’s identity and provide you with an opportunity to create your own differentiation in the marketplace. Something that you definitely cannot do with keyword domain names like This is why a creative business name is essential for any new product, service, startup, business or brand.

Choose the Right Creative Business Name

Your goal should be to keep your business name creative enough for people to remember, but not so obscure that it looses relativity.

If you are starting a new directory website of local doctors, you may think that “Find Local Doctors Online” might be a good name. However, consider the brandable business domain name of This is a name that gets the point across just as well as “Find Local Doctors Online,” but in a more creative and certainly more memorable way.

BrandBoat offers a vast selection of brandable domain names and creative business names that are perfect for your new product, service, startup, business or brand.

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