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Business Domain Names

Is a quality business domain name worth the investment?

Have you giving serious thought to the importance of a good business domain name? Are you one of those people that thinks investing in a quality name is a waste of your financial resources? If you are, step back, catch your breath and read the rest of this article.

Before you decide that its a good idea to save money by settling for a low quality business domain name, you need to better understand the consequences involved and consider the long term value of a good quality business domain name. The right name will distinguish the personality and energy your business, allow you to develop and build your brand that will become the centerpiece of future marketing strategies.

A good domain name is essential for your business.

It’s not uncommon for a new or small business owner to have budgetary constraints and desire to keep their startup costs in line. But this does not mean that you can skimp when it comes choosing a business domain name. After all this name is going to set the tone for your brand. Your business domain name will project the personality and enthusiasm that your company exudes. Don’t settle for a low quality domain name, when affordable, ready-made premium branding solutions for business can be purchased at

So what exactly makes a domain name good for business?

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to choosing the perfect domain name for your business.

  1. Use Existing Words – Websites like and are good examples of domain names that were created using existing words.
  2. Create a Portmanteau – a combination of two (or more) words fused together to form a new word. Good examples of this are Findocs, Groupon or FundYu.
  3. Make Up Something – A common naming strategy of many famous websites is to create a new word from scratch. These types of names are extremely brandable and good examples are Google. Twitter and Skype.

Choosing the right business domain name can be a difficult and time consuming task. In many cases some of the most brandable business domain names are already registered, but this should not discourage you. Take your time, sit down with a small group and brainstorm to develop some naming ideas. You will be surprised how creative you can be.

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