brandable domain names

Brandable Domain Names

What makes a domain name “brandable”?

Brandable domain names are usually short, catchy, memorable words or phrases that are used to build businesses, products, services or personal identities online.

Some times they are real words that are easy to remember, such as Yahoo, Amazon or Twitter but often times they are made up words or phrases that are just as simple and memorable such as Google, Skype or eBay.

Unique Domain Names that are “Brandable”

A brandable domain name is one of the most important marketing components for any product, service, startup, business or personal identity. Your brand is the basis for everything and will determine how your company, product or service is perceived in the marketplace.


Your brandable domain name and unique business name will be displayed prominently on your website, marketing collateral, business cards, letterhead, invoices, trade show graphics and more. Your brand is ultimately what people will see, recognize and associate your company, product or service, so when you have the opportunity to purchase a brandable domain name that is perfect for you, don’t wait, buy it today, while it is still available.

Some of the main reasons you should choose a brandable domain name for your business, product or service vs. a keyword rich domain name:

  • Easy to Remember
  • Easy to Protect
  • Opportunity to Develop a Brand – You can’t do that with or
  • Cleaner and more Professional when compared to keyword-rich domain name
  • Attract Loyal Visitors, Followers and Customers

Catchy Domain Names

If your goal is to create a brand and develop long term value in that brand, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you need a brandable domain name. Just take a minute to look at the top 100 websites at, a vast majority of them are branded domains. A short, catchy or memorable domain name that properly expresses your business, product or service will result in an increased level of trust when compared to a generic, keyword-rich domain such as

BrandBoat offers a vast selection of brandable domain names and unique business names that are perfect for your new product, service, startup, business or brand.

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