brandable business names

Brandable Business Names

Choosing the right business name for your brand.

Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a new product or developing and an information blog, the type of name you choose will have significant impact on your marketing and branding strategy.

Don’t Cut Corners When Choosing a Name for your Business

It’s pretty amazing that people will think nothing about spending tons of money on untargeted advertising, direct mail, newspaper and radio ads, business collateral and graphic design, but when it comes time to choosing a great brandable domain name for their business they take the cheap way out and settle for a domain name that is not properly aligned with their strategic goals. A great domain names can be as important as a great name for your business, product or service. Often times a domain name and the business are one in the same, but that’s not always the case. Quality business domain names that are “brandable” convey personality and energy, are memorable and usually easy to spell.

A good business name is a critical component to successful branding and marketing and a complimentary domain name is an essential ingredient for the success of your business venture.

Choosing the Best Name for your Business

Many of the best business names, as well as the best business domain names, are names that are considered “brandable”. A unique and memorable name that can be branded is often preferred over a name that is completely composed of keywords. Examples of brandable business names include Google, Flickr, Fiverr, Yahoo and Twitter. Brandable business names can also be made-up words such as RankeBe, DigYu and Shorteo. They can also be a combination or blending of two words in an attempt to create a name that is totally unique like iQrop, FundYu or GoRevu.

Remember, a keyword business or domain name may have value in a specific niche marketplace, but great brandable business name with a complimentary domain name offers another level of value that will grow over time and develop into a substantial business asset.

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