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Brandable Business Domain Names

Why do I need a business name that is “brandable”?

A unique and memorable business domain name is a vital component to any successful marketing campaign. Choose the right business domain name and your brand will flourish, however, if you choose the wrong name your business could suffer long term effects that may be difficult to recover from.

What is a “brandable” domain name for business?

Unlike keyword domain names that are often boring and forgetful, a business domain name that is considered “brandable” is catchy, unique, interesting and impossible to forget.

I you were starting a crowdfunding website and needed a domain name for your new website, would you choose a mundane and pedestrian domain name such as or would you choose a vibrant and energetic name like I think most would agree that a short, catchy, memorable name is the best choice for developing long term brand value.

Branding the future of your business is no small task and most entrepreneurs must be prepared to aggressively positioning their brand to stand out from the crowd. Branding is more than a logo or simply articulating your identity to your target audience. You must first determine the personality of your brand and then develop a strategy to reflect this personality.

Choosing the perfect name for your business is oftentimes the most difficult and time-consuming task in the business development process. There are so many factors that must be taken into consideration and the fact is, if you do not choose a name that you can brand, you will be able to build your brand or maximize its potential.

Choosing the perfect business domain name for your brand

Below are a few things to keep in mind when you are trying to choose the perfect brandable business domain name:

  1. Keep it Short – I always suggest that business owners try to keep their business domain names as short as possible. There are exceptions to this rule, but, in general, short and catchy wins the race most of the time.
  2. Use Made Up Words – This may sound crazy, but this strategy has been proven time and time again. Kleenex, Google, Twitter and the list foes on and on. These made up names can be tricky, but they can also be rewarding if you choose the right one.
  3. Remember Your Personality – Depending on the type of business that you have, you may not need to “stand out” from the crowd. Sure a new social media site or crowdfunding platform may benefit immensely from a catchy, unique domain name, but if you are a prominent divorce lawyer in New York, you might want to consider a more conservative approach than
  4. Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery – Never imitate another brand. Always choose a business domain name that is unique and original for your business. It’s not uncommon to be tempted to imitate others, but a better option for your brand would be to be a leader instead of a follower. Copying an existing brand labels you as an amateur and doom your brand to certain failure.
  5. The KISS Method – “Keep It Simple, Stupid” – if you have a domain name that is too complex or have to explain what your company is about based your business name, you are in trouble from the get go.

When choosing a brandable domain name for your business stay focused and keep the process simple.

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